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HatchMatch TORMENT 3.0

HatchMatch TORMENT 3.0 Tail is a wild enhancement for the Baitsanity Explorer Gill, the HatchMatch Torment Tail adds a unique twist to your favourite swimbait. This tail is designed to be fished super slow but also responds amazingly to a fast burn and pause.

Explorer Gill Hatch Match TORMENT 3.0 Tail

Designed to give your Explorer Gill Glide Bait an even more enticing action, the Baitsanity Explorer Hatch Match TORMENT 3.0 Tail adds versatility to your glide bait and will help trigger more of those followers into biters. Featuring a multi-segmented design, the Tail helps the Explorer Gill Glide Bait produce the widest glide of any of the other tail configurations so that it spends more time in the strike zone. When anglers implement a quick burst of the reel handle, the tail also generates a secondary thump action just like a live baitfish swimming in short intervals, which creates an incredibly natural presentation that is irresistible to fish. It is equipped with Baitsanity’s patent-pending BaitConnect System as well, which locks the tail into place and makes it easy to swap out different tail styles without damaging your glide bait. The Baitsanity Explorer Gill Hatch Match TORMENT 3.0 Tail unlocks the maximum potential of your glide bait and will put bigger fish in your boat.


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