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Glidebaits for Murray cod and Barramundi, from 6" to 9". Get that big swimbait bite you have been after.With interchangeable tails on the Gen 2 and Gill the fish haven't seen a bait like this!

Dark Bluegill Gill.jpg

Explorer Gill Glide Bait

A must-have for all big bait enthusiasts, the Baitsanity Explorer Gill Glide Bait delivers an ultra-realistic bluegill profile and an unrivaled action that big fish simply can’t resist.

Gold Fish.jpg

Antidote Glide Bait

Delivering exactly what the doctor ordered, the Baitsanity Antidote Glide Bait is the ultimate cure to make big fish strike.

Perch Gen 2 Glide Bait.jpg

Explorer Glide Gen 2

To catch the fish of a lifetime you have to fish with the lure of a lifetime. The Baitsanity Explorer Gen 2 Glide Bait is just that.

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