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Tungsten Adhesive Weights
  • Tungsten Adhesive Weights

    Allowing anglers to customise their approach to the trophy of a lifetime, the Baitsanity Swimbait Tungsten Adhesive Weights are perfect for adjusting the sink rate of your favourite hard baits. These Adhesive Weights maintain an ultra-compact footprint thanks to their tungsten composition while still contributing enough weight to plunge your baits down to those deep-dwelling giants. Ideal for pairing with your favourite glide bait or other hard body swimbait, they are also an innovative addition to a variety of crankbaits and jerk baits that will help you target those hard-to-reach fish suspending off the deep structure. Easy to apply and incredibly effective, the Baitsanity Swimbait Tungsten Adhesive Weights are a must-have for any angler looking to modify their swimbait inventory.



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